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About USNPS Products


Visibility Graphics for National Park Service Vehicles

Municipal Graphics is proud to announce that we have been approved by Law Enforcement, Security, Emergency Services (LESES) to be a Complete Graphic Vendor for the NPS.

Every year, first responders and law enforcement officers in particular are seriously injured and sometimes killed by distracted or impaired drivers. In 2016 alone, 12 law enforcement officers were killed by moving vehicles. Those killed were heroes doing every day jobs, assisting or directing motorists, executing traffic stops, even managing roadblocks. 

In response to these troubling statistics,  the National Park Service (NPS) Traffic Safety Coalition Program (TSC), within LESES, has worked with U.S. Park Rangers at units with law enforcement programs across the National Park System to increase visibility and safety through the development of a standardized high visibility chevron markings pattern that can be placed on NPS law enforcement vehicles nationwide.

These graphics make vehicles more visible, particularly at night. Studies have proven that reflective graphics such as these chevrons reduce the risk of emergency vehicles being struck by passing or approaching vehicles.